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September 2011

Sep 23


 Dear Friends, One of the most sensual elements of the Sacred Liturgy is the use of incense which often is misunderstood and often overlooked.   Using incense in sacred worship is a practice the Church adopted from our Jewish ancestral heritage.   The use of incense is mentioned on various occasions in the Book of...
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Sep 18

Celebration of the Mass

Dear Friends,   As we focus our attention on the celebration of the Mass, it is important to keep in mind the Mass is arranged in such a way so as to promote participation among the faithful attending Mass.   Indeed the Church so desires “that all the faithful should be led to that fully conscious, and active...
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Sep 11

Learning about the Mass

Dear Friends, For the next few months the Church in the United States and all across the English speaking world will be getting prepared to welcome the changes of the Mass that will take into effect the First Sunday of Advent, November 26-27, 2011.  The texts for the Mass (the acclamations, responses and prayers) found in the Roman Missal...
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Sep 4

Blessed Virgin Mary

“O luminous woman, I see the ember glow surrounding you.”  With these mysterious words, St. Romanos the Melodist began his hymn contemplating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the commemoration on September 8 which dates back to the earliest days of the Church.   The woman of light, by which the Author of Grace...
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