Letter to Parishioners Lent 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,

On this First Sunday of Lent I wanted to share with you a few thoughts and convey a few words for both our reflection and meditation as we begin our penances and disciplines. 

Duc in altum.  “Put out into the deep.” (Lk 5:4).    This is the challenged issued to all of us during this Lenten Season within the Year of Faith.   We are called to venture farther in our journey of faith as we challenge ourselves to greater love, greater faith, greater compassion, greater generosity, and deeper prayer life and a truly contrite heart.   As we begin Lent, I want to encourage you with the same words of the Lord, “be not afraid”, don’t allow failure to keep your Lenten disciplines or discouragement to deter you from the goal of delving deeper in to the waters of our Catholic faith.  

We are offering various opportunities for your prayer and spiritual development during these forty days.   On Mondays I will offer a course in Catholicism free of charge open to all, the class begins at 7:00 pm.   On Tuesdays we will open the Church for Eucharistic Adoration from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm.   On Wednesdays we will pray together the Stations of the Cross during which we will also have the availability for the Sacrament of Confession beginning at 7:00 pm.   We will also offer another daily Mass at 12:00 noon on Mondays through Wednesdays.  I hope you will take advantage of what we have to offer you throughout this sacred season.    I will be offering my personal prayers and sacrifices for each of you as you allow the Lord to do his good work in your life.

Pope Benedict XVI
This week marked a truly historic occasion in the life of the Church as His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the papacy.   For just under eight years Our Holy Father has been a true shepherd of the Church.   Perhaps no greater intellect or more humble or gentle pastor has sat on the throne of St. Peter than our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.   Please offer your prayers during Lent for him, for his health for a well-deserved opportunity to live out his days in peace, prayer and quiet.   Please join me as we give thanks to God for the gift of Pope Benedict XVI and as we invoke the Holy Spirit for the new successor of St. Peter.    With patience and eager expectation we await the decision of the Holy Spirit for our new pope.

Parishioner Generosity
In December I encouraged you to consider making tithing a part of your life.   Many of you have begun to do so and I thank you for your generosity.    If you have not yet begun I encourage you to perhaps start off slowly, perhaps at 1% and working your way up to 10%.   Building our new church is a project that we must all work toward together.   Please consider how you can help us by increasing your Sunday contributions.  When we tithe we open the doors of our hearts to God’s own generosity.    Thank you for all you do to support the work of this parish community and building up the kingdom of God. 

I look forward to the great blessings and prayers that God has in store for us during our Lenten journey.   God Bless you all and grant you abundant graces. 

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rodolfo D. Vásquez, Pastor