Anniversary Masses

Mass to Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries
A specially scheduled Mass dedicated to celebrating a wedding anniversary may be set with the parish with the Pastor's approval.   The wedding anniversary Mass is a wonderful time to renew matrimonial vows.  The following are the criteria for scheduling a Wedding Anniversary Mass:

  1. The couple must be validly married in the Catholic Church in order to celebrate an Anniversary Mass
  2. If a Mass is scheduled outside the normal parish Mass schedule then a fee of $200 will apply.   A deposit of $100 must be made with the Church no later than 6 months in advance.
  3. If however, the renewal of vows will take place after the Sunday Mass or other weekday Mass no fee is required. 
  4. The family must contract parish musicians if they wish to have music at the Mass.   The only approved musicians for the Mass are the musicians at the parish.  Please contact Dr. Meaghan King to contract music for the Mass.    No other musicians or music leaders will be allowed with the permission of the Pastor.
  5. As in other celebrations of the Eucharist, only Catholics in good standing with the Church (i.e. practicing Catholics) will be allowed to take part as lectors for the Mass.  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are not needed for the celebration of a Wedding, Anniversary or Funeral Mass.  
  6. For floral decorations, photographers and videographers please refer to the Wedding and Marriage Guidelines

For more information please contact the parish office.  361-991-4400. 


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