Stewardship of Treasure

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and decay destroys, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroy, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be." Matthew 6:19-21

At St. John the Baptist, our Stewardship of Treasure campaign takes place the last few weeks of November in which parishioners make commitments for the year for their Sunday tithing.  Parishioners are asked to prayerfully consider what sacrificial offering they will make for the upcoming year.   The Biblical teaching is that we "tithe" or contribute 10% of our income to the church for the work of the Gospel.  

There are many spiritual benefits to tithe the 10% of their income. 
1.  Placing God at the top of their monthly budgeting, that is giving God what is due to him first is a great act of faith. 
2.  By placing our faith in God and giving him priority, God is never out given or out done in his generosity.  
3.  How we spend our money is an indicator of our spiritual life.
4.  Tithing also has the benefit of helping us budget better.  

When we ask people to make a commitment, we encourage them to start with a small amount first, and if they never made a commitment before, we ask them to start with 1% or 2% of their annual income. Then we ask those who made any kind of commitment to make half of a tithe or 5%. At the Renewal, we ask those who make half a tithe to make a full tithe. Some people found out that they weren't worse off, but in fact, were even better off, so they make a full tithe. We emphasize that the giving is out of gratitude for the many blessings from God. That is the motivation for giving.

96% of the parish income comes from the generosity of parishioners.   It is the pastor's responsibility to make sure that the parish maintains a balanced budget and spends the parish's money applying the same stewardship and sacrificial attitude as tithing parishioners.   If 100% of parishioners tithe, then the parish can offer various benefits to parishioners.  


What does stewardship mean?

Stewardship is a recognition that God is the source of all that we have that is good, it is a call to be responsible with the gifts for our good but also the good of others including the work of the Church and the service to those in need. It is our way of thanking God for his goodness to us.

What is tithing?

The Bible speaks of us giving to God 10% of our resources. This is something that takes time and practice, many people choose by starting small and working their way toward tithing over the course of a few years until they get accustomed to it. Tithers become very generous and always attest to the fact that God never forgets them and isn’t outdone in his generosity toward them.

What is my gift used for by the Church?

The majority of your gift stays at the parish, beyond paying the bills, it helps provides for our programs, our work with those in need, our work with the youth. It is the main source of fundraising for our new church as well. The gifts given to the Church are managed by the Pastor with the help of the Finance Council of the parish. It is the only source of funding for the parish.

Can I receive a tax credit for my contributions to the Church?

Yes, if the church has a record of your giving you will receive a tax letter at the beginning of the year which you can use when preparing your Federal Income Taxes. This is one reason we encourage the use of envelopes or online giving, a record can be made.

How should I consider my gift?

All gifts ought to be sacrificial, meaning we are giving up something in order to give our gift. It takes some time of prayer and thinking. Consider when you give a gift to a loved one at Christmas or birthdays you put a lot of thought, because your gift speaks of your love. Your gift might require on less dining out a month or one less item purchased at a shopping mall. Don’t simply give left over, but think about what makes sense for you and your family.

What is on-line giving?

At St. John’s we offer parishioners the opportunity to use online giving, a way to make your contributions automatically, using your credit card or bank account. It is safe, easy and confidential. Many people pay their bills online today and many no longer use checks, online giving is meant for your convenience and doesn’t cost you. Simply log on to our parish website and follow the directions to set you up If you use your credit card, you can earn r

Does the Diocese support the parish?

No not financially, 80% of the financial resources of our parish come from the Sunday collection.

What if I just wish to give cash?

You may always give cash, but we encourage you to use your church envelopes that we provide for you in order to receive your credit.

How do I get envelopes?

When you register as a parishioner, you are claiming that St. John the Baptist is your home parish. We then get you on our parishioner list and send you a monthly packet of envelopes for your use. If you wish to register you may do so online at or come by the parish office and we’d gladly help.



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Online Giving

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